About us

Welcome to Aros Sped Ab – A Newly Established, Independent Freight Forwarding Company with 20 Years of Experience!

With 20 years of solid experience in forwarding and transport, we are now taking logistics to the next level with our newly started company Aros Sped. The founder is Harri Kjellin who has received top ratings from hundreds of satisfied customers over the years. The success has always been in putting yourself in the customer’s driver’s seat. Never compromise on quality and above all – deliver on time!

Our core values

Our commitment to honesty and dedication to each customer’s unique needs is fundamental to our business. We specialize in transports to Norway and aim to deliver high-quality, reliable, and tailored solutions that exceed expectations.

Experience and independence

With over two decades of industry experience, we have developed a deep understanding of the complexity of logistics. Our independence gives us the freedom to act flexibly and create tailored solutions that fit your company’s specific requirements.

Our promise

We take responsibility for making each delivery a smooth and efficient experience. Our commitment to being your reliable partner permeates everything we do, from the first call to a successful delivery.

Choose Aros Sped Ab for a freight forwarding partner that combines extensive experience, independence, and dedication to deliver tailored solutions for your transport needs.